Posted by: joeyballgame | May 11, 2008

Random Thoughts…..

Dave Dombrowski has made all the right moves since coming to the Detroit Tigers, taking them from worst to first, but boy I miss Jair Jurrgens…..


How can the Celtics be the “team to beat” in the East, when they can’t even win a road game?


Is is just me or is LeBron James’ beard on his neck, and not his face?


Barry Zito makes 14 million dollars a year!!!  WTF?? Over 162 games, thats 89,000+ a game! Or even worse, for us everyday working stiffs who if we are lucky enough to have a “good” job and can bring home 5,6, or maybe $700.00 a week, Zito gets a weekly paycheck of approx., $269,230.00!!!! His 2008 record…..

33.2 0-7 0 6.95 16 17

I think that’s called not being to productive at your job!!!!!!




The Florida Marlins 2008 payroll of $22 million is by far the smallest in the major leagues, and they were 100 to 1 to win the N.L. Pennant………It’s early, but I wish I had $20.00 on them!


Wow I just realized the Florida Marlins only pay out 22 million a year for the whole TEAM!! Alex Rodriguez makes that much!


Women think about sex 20 times a day………


Men think about sex 35 times or more a day……..


How do people report this kind of stuff? Do they really have surveys? Does someone go door to door and say, “Hi, I’m taking a survey, how often do you think about sex?”


Don’t you love hearing about people who have nothing, they win the Lottery, and they say “Winning the Lottery ruined my life!”  I wish 50 Million dollars could “ruin” my life!










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