Posted by: joeyballgame | May 9, 2008

LeBron Will Get His Rings……When He Is Out Of Cleveland

Watching this game 2 between The Celtics and Cavs is painful. It really is. Cleveland has no chance. the more I watch this team play, I really think they stink. I mean they are bad.

Really think about it. If LeBron got hurt, this is a sub-.500 team. Period. If the new crowned king of basketball is going to ever get a championship ring on his finger, it’s not going to be with the Cavs. With help like “Boobie” Gibson, Joe Smith, A. Varejao?  Not a chance. Not in this lifetime. Boston looks like they are toying with Cleveland. The score is 66-46 with 2 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. This game, and this series is Boston’s. And that’s bad news for Cleveland. Last year they knocked out my Pistons in the East Finals, but were swept out by San Antonio.

They made a mistake in the off season. They didn’t upgrade, and it shows. I think they were actually better last year then this year, and a late season  trade of Drew Gooden and Larry Hughes, for a beat-up Big-Ben and an old Joe Smith, hasn’t seemed to help. The Bulls got the best of that trade!

Maybe James will get traded to New York. He likes the Yankees more then the Indians, so maybe they will ship him to the Big Apple. 


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