Posted by: joeyballgame | May 3, 2008

Panic In Beantown!!!

At the begining of the playoffs I think I was the only one who said this could happen. (look at my blog to prove I’m Not makin it up!!) The unprovin Boston Celtics were going to run over everyone and win the NBA Title. That’s what everyone said.

All I said was, they are a great team, but after the “Big 3” it’s the “AVERAGE 8” in my opinion, and lets wait to see how they do in a hostile playoff enviroment on the road. Right now I feel pretty smart! The brand “new best” team in basketball is 0-3 on the road in the playoffs, and if they lose tomorrow in game 7 to the Atlanta Hawks, it will be THE Biggest first round upset in NBA History.

I hope Atlanta can actually do it. They haven’t played well on the road either, but I feel ALL the pressure has to be on the Celtics. Should be fun to watch!

The important question is if the Celtics lose, will ESPN keep running that stupid commercial with K.G., Pierce, and “I always look mad” Ray Allen?

Odds are Boston probally will win game 7, but who knows. But really if Boston was so dominate, why are the even in a game 7 to begin with? this is the first round, not the conference finals!

Go Hawks!!……..Go Pistons!!!!!


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