Posted by: joeyballgame | May 3, 2008

Bernie Where Are You???

Not hearing much from loud mouth Bernie Lincicome these days. Where are you? Incase you missed it Red Wings fans,  Bernie is another loud mouth Colorado “writer” (I use that term losely) who likes to bash on Detroit and other various cities when the denver teams play them. Like ripping on Boston and Fenway Park at the World Series.

I wrote a little piece a week or two back when he boldly predicted the Avs will roll the Wings and Hockey Town will be known as Loserville.  Still can’t get over his creativity…..”Loserville” WOW must have thought hard on that one!

Like I said before, Detroit is a much better sports town then Denver, PERIOD. And if it wasn’t for John Elway, the sports as a whole wouldn’t even be on the map.

Still think the Nuggets are gonna beat the Lakers Bernie?? The only thing better in Denver sports wise is the Broncos are better than the Lions.

Hey, wait didn’t the crappy Lions pound Denver last year 44-7? AHHH yes, yearning for the days of Elway. Here’s the link of master Bernie’s article and great predictions……..


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