Posted by: joeyballgame | April 30, 2008

Hawks For Real?? Believe It!!!

Ok the Atlanta Hawks probally won’t knock off the Boston Celtics. But since I did predict Atlanta to beat them, or at least take the mighty Celtics to 6 or 7 games, I have to gloat a little bit now that the series is 2-2.

I said the Celtics were beatable, and people laughed at me. I said there cockyness would catch up to them, and the Hawks are on the verge of one of the greatest upsets in NBA history, and knocking that smug look off of Ray Allen’s face.

Look, will Atlanta pull the upset? It’s still is doubtful, but they are a HUGE underdog, and never under estimate a team that “doesn’t have a chance.”

One thing I do know. If it was Rasheed Wallace who threw a major elbow into someones throat, and not Kevin Garnett, Rasheed whould’ve gotten tossed from the game, and probally suspended.  But we don’t do things like that to the “Superstars” of the league, right David Stern??!?



Josh Smith, Joe Johnson, and the Atlanta Hawks will not go away quietly………


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