Posted by: joeyballgame | April 24, 2008

Another Predictable Colorado Article…………Yawn….

Bernie Lincicome is trying to be the next Woody Paige.  Let me give you some advice Bernie……the bit is old, played out, and frankly boring to Detroit natives. We hear it all the time about our city, but your column is so weak. If your gonna come at us, bring some fire boy!

We are a tough city, and we know it. Just like Philly, Boston, and New York, were used to these “Great” columns. We know the Lions are weak, but the Pistons, Tigers and Wings are always good. Face it, if it wasn’t for John Elway, I think we could dub the whole city of Denver “Loserville”.

(I know “loserville” sounds weak, but thats what big Bernie said Detroit will be called when the Avs win this series, Loserville, wow so orignal!)

But unlike Mr. Lincicome, I won’t attack the city of Denver,  or Colorado at all. I love the city. It’s beautiful. The mountains, and the summer weather are great. Been there many times. But we are a different breed here, and we like it.

The term Hockeytown isn’t to try to be intimitating. Were proud to be an Original six team. Period. I never new the term “Mile High City” was meant to be intimitating. (Thats what Bernie says in his article….the link is below)

Don’t worry Bernie,  after the Wings win the series, You can start some articles on how the Rockies trip last year wasn’t a fluke and they will be back this year, How Jay Cutler is the next John Elway…….(that even made me laugh outloud).

Maybe you can be Carmelo Anthonys lawyer for his DUI, the Nuggets will be done next week so you better get to practice—in!


Bernie….By this picture I would have to say you started writing a while ago…something new came out a few decades ago, it’s called toothpaste. Not good when your hair is whiter than your teeth.


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