Posted by: joeyballgame | April 21, 2008

Armando Galarraga to the Rescue, Again!

I don’t want to get to excited about someone after only 2 starts, but the starts have been great for someone who wouldn’t even be pitching if Dontrell Willis wasn’t on the DL.

Armando Galarraga looks like he could be a huge addition to a struggling pitching staff. Galarraga has been a minor league journeyman for his career, but he sure looked good today against the Jays. The Tigers needed someone to go 6+ and Galarraga did. (almost that is 5.1 innings) but they were good innings and he worked out of a couple bases-loaded jams.

If Galarraga can keep it up and Dontrell can come back, things should get better. Personally, If the D-Train could come back and be even half as good as he can be, they should put Nate Roberson in the pen.


Galarraga improves to 2-0 with an impressive 1.50 ERA.


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