Posted by: joeyballgame | April 4, 2008

Tigers Swept By Royals…….Uuuggghhhh!

This is why I love the movie “Back To The Future”… part II when the old man in the future says to Marty McFly (Micheal J Fox) as the sports update breaks across the big sign in the sky and says… Breaking News, Cubs win World Series!  The old man says “I wish I could go back to the beginning of the season, and put some money on the Cubbies, they were a 100 to 1 shot!”

That’s when it all clicks in. You never know whats going to happen in sports, ask the New England Patriots, or the New York Yankees when they were up 3-0 vs. Boston in the A.L.C.S. a few years back.

I know it’s only game 3 of a long season, but like my friend Marty Mcfly, if you were to tell me the Tigers would only give up 4 runs in games 2 and 3, I would have to bet that with this lineup, they would both be wins for Detroit. Surely if the Tigers gave up 4 runs then they must have won 7-4 right? Maybe 9-4?  Well now thw White Sox come to town for a must win 3 game  series. Well ok that was a little dramatic. Let’s just try to get win #1, and go from there!


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