Posted by: joeyballgame | April 2, 2008

Opening Day Goes To K.C.

Well I was lucky enough to score some Opening Day Tix, and they were 4 rows behind the Tigers Dugout! To bad the out come wasn’t good, but I did get some great pictures at the game. Miguel Cabrera is a beast! He will only bring good things to this great line-up, and seeing him hit his first Home-run as a Tiger was great. It’s only one game of 162, and already the ney-sayers are callin the local radio stations sayin how bad the pitching will be.

Actually, I think it was a case of poor hitting. The Tigers had many chances to blow the game wide open and couldn’t seem to get a key hit. Placido Polanco was 0 for 6, but hit the ball hard almost every at bat, it just wasn’t the Tigers day.  Fear not loyal Tiger fans, come September we will be competing for a division title!  Click on the links to see some opening day pics.


Verlander in control after 4 innings pitched

Cabrera waiting for his first AB as a Tiger

Inge played a great game in center

Sheff up with Maggs on deck

Arriving at Comerica Park

Tell this Lions fan it’s Baseball Season!


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