Posted by: joeyballgame | February 21, 2008

Same ‘ol Story Pistons?

The Pistons are done. There done. Period. Well maybe not done…..I know they have the second best record in the NBA, and they are well on there way to another Central Division crown, but they are in trouble.  That disaster of a game vs. Orlando yesterday not only was hard to watch, but it gave the young Magic alot of confidence that they can handle the Pistons. Why do I think they have no shot? Easy.

1. First, they don’t play defense. To get beat by Orlando is nothing to be ashamed of, but they gave up almost 30 points a quarter! And as I’m writing this, they are getting smoked by the high powered (using much sarcasm) Milwaukee Bucks. I know people say…….It’s a long season, don’t over react, they won 10 in a row before the break,……yada, yada, yada.

May I remind you in that 10 game winning streak they beat Indiana twice, Atlanta, Charlotte, and the mighty Miami Heat!

2. No big man. Well kinda…. Lakers get Gasol, Phoenix gets Shaq,  Dallas gets Kidd, sure maybe none of these moves will help these teams win a championship, but they are making an effort. Stirring up some excitement. The 3rd quarter just ended vs. Milwaukee and we are down 17! We have been out scored every quarter, and just like last night, the team looks very disinterested.

3. No hunger, or at least the body language doesn’t show it. This is the time of year to establish yourself. Losing to Orlando and Milwaukee is a bad start to the second half of the season. Now they have a tough road trip staring them in the face. At Phoenix, Denver, Utah and LA, come home for one game vs Seattle, then the next night it’s Boston at Boston. I think they will be lucky to go 2 and 2 on the trip. The window of opportunity for an NBA Title is closing, it’s put up or shut up time, Hell, if I were at the Orlando game, I would have tried to get my money back!

OK, Now I’ll try to be positive,  they have a great team and a ton of experience…….I just hope they can get there killer instinct back!


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