Posted by: joeyballgame | January 14, 2008

Pistons Need Championship To Be One of The Best

The 2002 NBA Season Ended for Detroit by getting swept by the New Jersey Nets, and the Nets were crowned the new “Beast of the East” by all the T.V. slappys on ESPN and TNT. The following season when all looked dim in a ECF game vs. Indiana, Teyshaun Prince made one of the best blocks ever on Reggie Miller and The Pistons were on there way.  Since then Detroit has ruled the Eastern Conference, going to the Finals 5 years in a row. But I’m noticing a pattern here.  There is always a new “Beast” thats younger, better, and more hungry then us. (According to the experts that is.)

Well let me ask the experts. Where’s New Jersey, Indiana, or even Miami now? And nobody should fear the Cleveland Cavs. Let’s face it Lebron is a beast, but you seen earlier in the year how good they are without him. There not. So now out of know where here comes The Boston Celtics. They are having a great year, but I want to see if they are still this intense in May. According to the standing not only are Boston and Detroit 1 and 2 in the East, but overall. I believe the Pistons bench, once to be considered there weakness, is what can help the win a championship this season. Jason Maxiell leads a much bolstered bench compared to last seasons.

For all the success the Pistons have had in the past decade, coming within 5:00 minutes of  back to back Titles when they lost to the Spurs in 2004, that makes this year all that more important. An NBA crown this season could put Detroit up there with some of the dominant teams in the past.


Rip is having one of his best years in a Piston uniform.


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