Posted by: joeyballgame | January 5, 2008

Michigan Man Pulling For Ohio State

Shhhh…This is a prime example of never say never. I don’t like Ohio State. I don’t really like the any team in the STATE of Ohio. I’m a die hard Detroiter who loves my Tigers, Pistons, Wings, MSU and U-M. (Notice no Lions).  Like every biased sports nut, I believe my city and it’s teams are the best. And one thing you DO NOT DO as a Michigan man… route for Ohio State.  But I am.

For once I WANT to see Jim Tressel, (and that smug look) get a victory. I want the Big Ten to show the world that the SEC is not the be-all end-all of college football. “The Big Ten is to slow”…..”The SEC is to fast for you guys”…. Well Michigan had no problem putting Tim Tebow on his back all day.  Did anyone check out the Michigan passing game? Those receivers looked pretty fast for Michigan….must have been the Florida air!  Well Michigan got the win over Florida IN Florida, and it’s time for the Bucks to do the same.  My gosh am I really going to say this??? An Ohio State victory over LSU, in LSU would make me smile from ear to ear. (Did I really just write that?)  The best 2 in the Big Ten taking down the best 2 in the SEC. Not only that , but you could also say the Big Ten did it on the road. Come on Ohio admit it, you need Michigan and all our rivalries, and we need you. Without one, the other one has no grudge match with each other! But on this day I back you Ohio State. Make us proud as a conference and as a neighboring state and go win the College Football Title!

P.S. …..Did you happen to see who the Tigers picked up in the off season???   Bring it on Tribe!!! O.K I’ll save that til April…………GO BUCKEYES!!!!!



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