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Random Thoughts…..

Dave Dombrowski has made all the right moves since coming to the Detroit Tigers, taking them from worst to first, but boy I miss Jair Jurrgens…..


How can the Celtics be the “team to beat” in the East, when they can’t even win a road game?


Is is just me or is LeBron James’ beard on his neck, and not his face?


Barry Zito makes 14 million dollars a year!!!  WTF?? Over 162 games, thats 89,000+ a game! Or even worse, for us everyday working stiffs who if we are lucky enough to have a “good” job and can bring home 5,6, or maybe $700.00 a week, Zito gets a weekly paycheck of approx., $269,230.00!!!! His 2008 record…..

33.2 0-7 0 6.95 16 17

I think that’s called not being to productive at your job!!!!!!




The Florida Marlins 2008 payroll of $22 million is by far the smallest in the major leagues, and they were 100 to 1 to win the N.L. Pennant………It’s early, but I wish I had $20.00 on them!


Wow I just realized the Florida Marlins only pay out 22 million a year for the whole TEAM!! Alex Rodriguez makes that much!


Women think about sex 20 times a day………


Men think about sex 35 times or more a day……..


How do people report this kind of stuff? Do they really have surveys? Does someone go door to door and say, “Hi, I’m taking a survey, how often do you think about sex?”


Don’t you love hearing about people who have nothing, they win the Lottery, and they say “Winning the Lottery ruined my life!”  I wish 50 Million dollars could “ruin” my life!









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LeBron Will Get His Rings……When He Is Out Of Cleveland

Watching this game 2 between The Celtics and Cavs is painful. It really is. Cleveland has no chance. the more I watch this team play, I really think they stink. I mean they are bad.

Really think about it. If LeBron got hurt, this is a sub-.500 team. Period. If the new crowned king of basketball is going to ever get a championship ring on his finger, it’s not going to be with the Cavs. With help like “Boobie” Gibson, Joe Smith, A. Varejao?  Not a chance. Not in this lifetime. Boston looks like they are toying with Cleveland. The score is 66-46 with 2 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. This game, and this series is Boston’s. And that’s bad news for Cleveland. Last year they knocked out my Pistons in the East Finals, but were swept out by San Antonio.

They made a mistake in the off season. They didn’t upgrade, and it shows. I think they were actually better last year then this year, and a late season  trade of Drew Gooden and Larry Hughes, for a beat-up Big-Ben and an old Joe Smith, hasn’t seemed to help. The Bulls got the best of that trade!

Maybe James will get traded to New York. He likes the Yankees more then the Indians, so maybe they will ship him to the Big Apple. 

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Bernie Where Are You???

Not hearing much from loud mouth Bernie Lincicome these days. Where are you? Incase you missed it Red Wings fans,  Bernie is another loud mouth Colorado “writer” (I use that term losely) who likes to bash on Detroit and other various cities when the denver teams play them. Like ripping on Boston and Fenway Park at the World Series.

I wrote a little piece a week or two back when he boldly predicted the Avs will roll the Wings and Hockey Town will be known as Loserville.  Still can’t get over his creativity…..”Loserville” WOW must have thought hard on that one!

Like I said before, Detroit is a much better sports town then Denver, PERIOD. And if it wasn’t for John Elway, the sports as a whole wouldn’t even be on the map.

Still think the Nuggets are gonna beat the Lakers Bernie?? The only thing better in Denver sports wise is the Broncos are better than the Lions.

Hey, wait didn’t the crappy Lions pound Denver last year 44-7? AHHH yes, yearning for the days of Elway. Here’s the link of master Bernie’s article and great predictions……..

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Panic In Beantown!!!

At the begining of the playoffs I think I was the only one who said this could happen. (look at my blog to prove I’m Not makin it up!!) The unprovin Boston Celtics were going to run over everyone and win the NBA Title. That’s what everyone said.

All I said was, they are a great team, but after the “Big 3” it’s the “AVERAGE 8” in my opinion, and lets wait to see how they do in a hostile playoff enviroment on the road. Right now I feel pretty smart! The brand “new best” team in basketball is 0-3 on the road in the playoffs, and if they lose tomorrow in game 7 to the Atlanta Hawks, it will be THE Biggest first round upset in NBA History.

I hope Atlanta can actually do it. They haven’t played well on the road either, but I feel ALL the pressure has to be on the Celtics. Should be fun to watch!

The important question is if the Celtics lose, will ESPN keep running that stupid commercial with K.G., Pierce, and “I always look mad” Ray Allen?

Odds are Boston probally will win game 7, but who knows. But really if Boston was so dominate, why are the even in a game 7 to begin with? this is the first round, not the conference finals!

Go Hawks!!……..Go Pistons!!!!!

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Granderson, The Straw That Stirs The Drink

Now that Curtis Granderson is back, so are the Tigers. i wrote a few weeks back when the Tigers were struggling, that with all the injuries we have (Zumaya, Rodney, Sheff,) the most missed is Granderson. The Tigers have been on fire since the real (and maybe best in the league) leadoff hitter has returned.

The Tigers go for the sweep today against the Bronx bombers, with Nate Robertson taking the hill. Yesterday Jeremy Bonderman looked like the Bondo we’ve gotten used to seeing, with 7+ great innings of work

Another nice thing to see was Marcus Thames. Once again coming thru with a Homerun. Thames doesn’t get to much playing time, but always seems to come thru. he’s a great player to have off the bench.


Bonderman looked like the Bondo from 2006.


With Granderson back, the team is jumppin!

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Hawks For Real?? Believe It!!!

Ok the Atlanta Hawks probally won’t knock off the Boston Celtics. But since I did predict Atlanta to beat them, or at least take the mighty Celtics to 6 or 7 games, I have to gloat a little bit now that the series is 2-2.

I said the Celtics were beatable, and people laughed at me. I said there cockyness would catch up to them, and the Hawks are on the verge of one of the greatest upsets in NBA history, and knocking that smug look off of Ray Allen’s face.

Look, will Atlanta pull the upset? It’s still is doubtful, but they are a HUGE underdog, and never under estimate a team that “doesn’t have a chance.”

One thing I do know. If it was Rasheed Wallace who threw a major elbow into someones throat, and not Kevin Garnett, Rasheed whould’ve gotten tossed from the game, and probally suspended.  But we don’t do things like that to the “Superstars” of the league, right David Stern??!?



Josh Smith, Joe Johnson, and the Atlanta Hawks will not go away quietly………

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Tigers Sweep Rangers….Hot Angels Next

Well 7-3 in our last ten games is much better then our 2-8 start over the first ten! This Angels team is good, real good. Not just the regulars of Figgins, Matthews, and the always dangerous Vad Guerrero, now they bring on board Torii Hunter, who is off to a great start.

The Tigers’ confounding slump, which enveloped the first two weeks of their promising season, appears to have ended — emphatically. A 19-run burst on Wednesday pushed their season total to 111 runs, which suddenly ranked second in the American League.

Talk about making up for a bad start.

Maggs goes yard twice———the offense we’ve all been looking for arrived vs. Texas.

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Another Predictable Colorado Article…………Yawn….

Bernie Lincicome is trying to be the next Woody Paige.  Let me give you some advice Bernie……the bit is old, played out, and frankly boring to Detroit natives. We hear it all the time about our city, but your column is so weak. If your gonna come at us, bring some fire boy!

We are a tough city, and we know it. Just like Philly, Boston, and New York, were used to these “Great” columns. We know the Lions are weak, but the Pistons, Tigers and Wings are always good. Face it, if it wasn’t for John Elway, I think we could dub the whole city of Denver “Loserville”.

(I know “loserville” sounds weak, but thats what big Bernie said Detroit will be called when the Avs win this series, Loserville, wow so orignal!)

But unlike Mr. Lincicome, I won’t attack the city of Denver,  or Colorado at all. I love the city. It’s beautiful. The mountains, and the summer weather are great. Been there many times. But we are a different breed here, and we like it.

The term Hockeytown isn’t to try to be intimitating. Were proud to be an Original six team. Period. I never new the term “Mile High City” was meant to be intimitating. (Thats what Bernie says in his article….the link is below)

Don’t worry Bernie,  after the Wings win the series, You can start some articles on how the Rockies trip last year wasn’t a fluke and they will be back this year, How Jay Cutler is the next John Elway…….(that even made me laugh outloud).

Maybe you can be Carmelo Anthonys lawyer for his DUI, the Nuggets will be done next week so you better get to practice—in!


Bernie….By this picture I would have to say you started writing a while ago…something new came out a few decades ago, it’s called toothpaste. Not good when your hair is whiter than your teeth.

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Armando Galarraga to the Rescue, Again!

I don’t want to get to excited about someone after only 2 starts, but the starts have been great for someone who wouldn’t even be pitching if Dontrell Willis wasn’t on the DL.

Armando Galarraga looks like he could be a huge addition to a struggling pitching staff. Galarraga has been a minor league journeyman for his career, but he sure looked good today against the Jays. The Tigers needed someone to go 6+ and Galarraga did. (almost that is 5.1 innings) but they were good innings and he worked out of a couple bases-loaded jams.

If Galarraga can keep it up and Dontrell can come back, things should get better. Personally, If the D-Train could come back and be even half as good as he can be, they should put Nate Roberson in the pen.


Galarraga improves to 2-0 with an impressive 1.50 ERA.

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Verlander Struggles……Tigers get Bombed

Not much to say…..what Detroit did to Cleveland the day before. Cleveland did to Detroit today. Losing is all a part off the game, but what worries me is Verlander. I know he will snap out of it, but right now it’s going bad. Let’s just move on to Toronto……………….

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